Web Development Internship @Valencia (ES)

Web Development Internship @Valencia (ES)

About the Company

Young company with business unites dedicated to digital marketing, creation of ecommerce websites and travel agency, is currently about to lunch two new projects: Fashion Retail online (for world leader company) and yachts on-line booking website (start-up). A great chance to enjoy Valencia in the summer by getting fully involved into the development of a company in digital fashion and yachts sector!

Sector: online and digital services

  • Location: Valencia (ES)
  • Starting: Asap
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Main working Language: English/ Italian
  • Working Hours: 30 hours/week

Role Overview:

The student’s role will be to lead the technical part of the project related to the yachts on-line booking website.
The internship will be divided into two main parts:

  • Develop a web travel agency in WordPress, integrated with various content providers through its APIs
  • Carry out digital marketing activities and regular updates on the web dedicated to improving SEO,
    with specific focus on the web development tasks (between 70% and 80% of the time).

Specifically, the student will work closely with WordPress (or Drupal or other CMS), and he or she will require basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL.
The intern will help the company to draft the technical development of the “scope of work” of the web (by planning the following 12 months of web development). He or she will also be in charge of investigating and recommending 3rd party partners and API integrations in order to ensure the best performance of the website.
At the same time, you have the opportunity to engage in digital marketing (SEO, email, A / B tests) mainly for yachts online platform, and occasionally for retail website.

Detailed programme of the traineeship:
The student will:

  • Have constant communication with the director of the company
  • Work autonomously and proactively, to demonstrate to be able to take initiative to make decisions and suggest alternatives and new ideas
  • Receive mentoring and training in the world of marketing and technology, in order to provide the intern with potential access to careers in software development with specialization in the tourism sector
  • Have at least one weekly meeting with the director of the company, with assignments of weekly goals to be achieved
  • Have access to short courses and support of co -workers when needed
  • The development of the project of the yachts online platform be planned with different milestones as steps for each of activity.

Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the end of the traineeship:

  • Opportunity to experience the development of a website from the very beginning
  • 360 technical expertise to create a web site – From User Interface to backend
  • Full control of CMS applied to website development
  • PHP, MySQL , XML and APIs connection
  • Experience in the travel agencies sector
  • Knowledge of sailing and charter yacht market and management
  • Audit and improvements of SEO positioning a web
  • Booking Management (booking engine, reservation and payment)
  • Hack growth and marketing 360

Monitoring & Evaluation plan:

  • Goals will be set up on a weekly base
  • Weekly meetings & reports
  • Evaluation will be based on the achievement of the goals

During the first week there will be an introduction to the company and the project, during which a plan for the next 3 months will be established together with the student.
The student will be followed up with a minimum of a weekly meeting (Monday) and a weekly report (Friday) and communication with the directors will take place via email and phone on a regular basis.

The company offers:

Cover on expenses:    250,00 €/Month
Spanish Simcard (phone)


  • Above all we need an autonomous enthusiastic, motivated, responsible and (self -starter)
  • Knowledge of WordPress or other CMS renowned
  • Basic knowledge of UI / UX
  • Basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL, and HTML, JavaScript
  • Experience or interest in integrations API / XML
  • Digital marketing knowledge will be considered as a positive plus, specifically with interest in SEO, email campaign and Web Analytics
  • Fluency at least 2 languages are required, of which at least one must be English or Italian (Spanish is not required)


Send us your CV & Cover Letter & Tell us what makes you a great candidate for this position!

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