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Erasmus Plus Mobility

Erasmus Plus Mobility

The Erasmus Plus program helps students move around the European Union to promote both students and companies’ internationalisation. The length of the internships range from 3 to 6 months.
Internship Agreement

Internship Agreement

Getting an internship agreement is simple: you just need a mentor for the intern, and sign the agreement between the student and the company. Erasplus+ will provide all the documents needed.
Broaden your borders

Broaden your borders

Are you thinking of the internationalisation of your company? Checking another market niche maybe? All our students speak two languages at least. Contact us and we will check your case.
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Choosing the option of training an intern is like giving something back to our society and a social and moral value to your company.

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Free of charge service?

The service is absolutely free.

What kind of agreement should I arrange with the intern?

Erasplus provides you with all the documents needed, so that you just have to think about selecting the best profile for your company.

Should we pay the intern?

It is not necessary. But we highly recommend to pay a small salary to the intern, such as a reimbursement on transports and/or lunch, at the end of month.

Does the student have any insurance?

Yes. The European Union provides it together with the grant.

Can we hire the student?

Yes, thanks to a new final agreement between you both. In fact, this is the final purpose of the internship.

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